Flag Cheerleading (Ages 4, 5, 6)
The Registration fee is $130.00*
*includes New Bows **Spirit Pack is an additional charge of $30.00 to include Crop Top and Bloomers

Flag Cheerleaders will be issued a uniform for their use during the season. Practice poms and Game Day poms will be distributed by the Coaches and collected at the end of each event. They will receive a Game Day bow that is theirs to keep.

Basic concepts in cheerleading are introduced at this level. Our main goal is to keep the girls moving and smiling while learning athletic skills that will give them a strong foundation for any sport. This team will cheer during our Flag Football Games. Game day is a controlled scrimmage on a 40 yard field against an opposing Flag Football Team. Two Flag Football games are often played simultaneously. Games last approximately 45 minutes and include a halftime show! Coaches will be in the sideline Cheer Box with the Cheerleaders to provide instruction and supervision during these scrimmages and will be on the field during the halftime show.