Varsity Team
Ages Eligible: 14 and under. (Must be 13 by Sept. 1)
Varsity Weights by position
Tackle to Tackle – Unlimited Weight
13 year old : 150 lbs. to carry ball and positions off the line.
14 year old : 135 lbs. to carry ball and positions off the line.

COST: $180.00 per player

**NEW for 2019** 8th Grade Players will be able to keep their game day jersey as a graduation gift from the Jr. Titans. Each player will have their name placed on their jersey for their final year with the Jr. Titans

The varsity division is primarily for boys aged 13-14 years old with no maximum weight limits. Players over the 150 lb or 135 lb weight limits depending on age are considered “red stripers” and must play on the line. Each quarter is 8 minutes in length and the games are regulated by High School officials. First year players are welcome to join the team and historically have become impact players. For our returning players and those moving up from JV, the varsity level prepares them mentally and physically for the next step of their football careers.

*Maximum grade eligible for Varsity Team is 8th (’19 – ’20 school year)